Database connections increasing after upgrade from 3 to 4

After migrating our mendix app from 3.3.7 to 4.4.4 we're experiencing database issues. It seems that the active database connections reaches the max within one day. In mendix 3 we set ConnectionPoolingMaxActive to 128 and we never had problems. After the migration we set the ConnectionPoolingMaxActive and ConnectionPoolingMaxIdle to 256, but it takes only one day and then the max will be reached. Restarting the mendix app helps, but only for a day. We're running on premise on windows server 2008 in combination with sql server 2008. Anyone experiencing the same issues of with additional info? Edit after update deeplink module It seems that an old version of the deeplink module caused this issue. After analyzing the open transactions in SQL Server 2008, we saw a huge amount of pending deeplink requests from this module. These transactions were never closed, causing the excessive database connection usage in the pool. Mendix 4 deals sessions differently then Mendix 2.5 and in combination with deeplink module version v1.4 it doesn't work out so nice. After updating the deeplink module the transactions are closed and the database connection issues disappeared.
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