Something to be aware of when using lists in document templates.

We use in a document template a microflow that retrieves a list of objects. The microflow is set to return a list of objects. In one of the endpoints the return value was set to empty. This resulted in a nullpointer exception when a document was created. It seems that when working just with microflows the empty result results in an empty list. But creating the document is seems that this empty value is perceived as that the object does not exitst at all and returns a null pointer exception. Now there is indeed a subtle difference between an empty list and no list at all. Is this a bug in the document template creation? Because microflows do not seem to care about this difference. Or is this a modeller fault (but one that is lightly made)? Regards, Ronald
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It's a bug, it should be more robust than that, since it is possible to just return null values in a microflow.