Deeplink & XulRunner Issue

Hi, I am running a C# .NET Windows Forms Application with an embedded browser that exposes our Mendix application. The browser is implemented using GeckoFx and XulRunner. During certain events in the Windows application, we use Deeplink to navigate to certain pages of our Mendix application. Prior to navigating using deeplink, the Mendix application works perfectly. However, after the first deeplink navigation, there is no cursor in any textboxes (but data can get entered), and no events (leave, enter, change) are triggered. Also, after entering all data and clicking a microflow trigger that saves the data, the data disappears, and is lost. Has anyone got any experience with Gecko and/or xulrunner? Also, does anyone know what happens in Deeplink that might cause this? Any help would be great. We have been trying ALL .NET frameworks, JRE's and Firefox verisons. Kind Regards Frikkie
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