Opening a M452 project in M5 fails

I expected to get a conversion wizard to upgrade to 5. I get the following error: "The file ... could not be opened, it was created with version 4.5.2 op the modeler, which is incompatible with this version of the modeler." Anybody? Thanks, David. Going via 4.4.4 did work.
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We had a new Web service feature in 4.5.0 that would require a significant rewrite in 5, which is why we postponed it for the beta7 release. 5.0.0 will of course take any 4.x version.

That said, it's not uncommon to occasionally have some version of a major release that cannot yet be converted to a newer major version because the minor version came out at a later date, similar to what David said.


I think 4.5.2 was released after 5.0.0-beta7. You need a project in v4.5.1 or earlier to be able to convert it.