How to set specific log node level

Hi, In order to reduce the entries in our log we want to set some of the log nodes to Warning instead of Info. We are running on a Windows server and can adjust the Log file levels in the console. However when the server/service is restarted all log nodes default to info again. How can we ensure that the 5-10 lognodes (of in total up to 100 lognodes) that we want to set to Warning will keep their loglevel after restarts? Thanks. Brian
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There is only an admin action (which is used by the service console) to change a log level, you cannot do this programmatically. I think this is a nice feature request though, I've been wanting to do this a few times as well.

If you really need it right now, you could call that admin action yourself using a http client, if you first observe what the console actually sends to the server..