Display of Customized forms for query time out in data grids

Do we have any feature to display the customized forms if the query behind the data grid gets timeout instead of displaying the error message to user like this "Error when loading url Admin/adminsearchedittoviewuser.mxf:unable to load forms/enus/Admin/admin_searchedittoviewuser.mxf?6345 status:405"
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Customizing the system errors is not the direction I would like to go.

Most common solution is to not use a microflow as datasource but prepare the data to show and associate then to the main object via a special association. Update that association on the right time, or before opening the form.

To make a sample. Customers and Orders. Make an extra reference set between Customers and Orders. (Customer_VisibleOrder). Fill the association before and add a datagrid over that association.