Mouseover hints on buttons.

We sometimes want to give short additional information about use of a button in a datagrid or dataview. Best way is to do this by showing a hinttext on a mouse-over event (with delay). Especially on buttons with just an icon (no label) We tried using the helptext widget but this is not seen as an adequate solution by our customers.
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You can try to add: title="your text here" :in the style of your button


Hint-text on a button sounds like adding a title attribute to each of the button's dom elements. This, by default, will give you hover-over text.

If you go that route, you'd need to build a custom widget where you can dynamically point to a dom by id or class. Then edit the title attribute of the node.

All in all though, this seems like too much work just for some hover text. I would consider redesigning (showing labels on buttons, etc.).

I'm not using beta, but hopefully they add the title attribute to the common features of buttons.