System.Filedocuments and security

Since mendix 4? Mendix has introduced the security tab for System.Filedocuments that allows you to set the security for the default files you can download in order to prevent anonymous users to download just any system filedocument. This change seems like a good choice in all situations, which is why the modeler also gives the following warning if you have enable the security rules on System.Filedocument: Access rules for entity 'System.FileDocument' exist that define access rights for users with module role 'System.User. Note that these access rights apply to all users of your application, including anonymous users (if enabled). It is recommended to create a specialized entity for each use case and configure access rules for those entities instead. Now, we just migrated a project from 2.5 to 4.5.2 where we have default export to excels buttons. Due to this warning we removed the warning but after running the project we noticed that the default exports still use System.FileDocuments, forcing us to enable these rights. Did anyone else notice this behaviour? And how is this perceived at Mendix?
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Are you sure? Those exports are now generated using the (hidden) System.PrivateFileDocument entity where the one that created the document should be able to download it.