How to pass through a parameter to a report-pane.

I have a Grid with organisations as data. Above the grid I added a microflow with a Selection as 'Pass data grid object'. So the microflow has now one parameter 'Organisation'. In the microflow I added one Action Activity type 'Show Form'. The form is a report pane with a date rage selector and a dropbox. I added a dataset with two parameters: $OrganisationParameter and $Selectdate, I linked the parameterset $Selectdate to the date range selector and the $OrganisationParameter to the dropbox. Now $Selectdate is not the problem, the user has to add the range in the form. But I allready know the organisation ( the organisation I gave to the microflow ). Now the question: How can I Fill in the dropbox of the reportpane with the organisation I gave the microflow. This is my dataset: Select Org/Name1 as Organisation, Startdate as Start, Enddate as End From CRM.Actions as Action inner join Action/CRM.Actions_Organisation/CRM.Organisation as Org where (Start >= RANGEBEGIN($Selectdate) AND End <= RANGEEND($Selectdate)) and Org/ID = $OrganisationParameter
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