To redirect to a specific form using deeplink

Using deeplink Concept, I want to show user a specific form if user is having active session else I want the user to log in to the system and immediately want to show that form How to achieve the second part of it? Anyone tried this one using deep links?
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You can connect the deeplink to a microflow that requires a userrole. Mendix will force you to log in. If already a valid session, the form will be showed.

Edit: You can use a anymous microflow and test for a current user (not anonymous). Redirect to a login form.

Is a login form provided in the deeplink?

Edit 2: You made be curious. In 3.x version it worked well, but in 4.x I can not get to work. I think this has something to do with the changed function of Allowed Roles (3->4).

The module could be extended to recognize the anonymous sessions and call an alternative microflow.