Excel importer and MxModelreflection

Either I am missing some setting or there is a bug in the lastest versions of these apps. I updated the two modules and now want to import a new Excel sheet. Some of the columns are enumerations and I have microflows to handle the import of those fields. I imported the Excel As one can see Geslacht (Gender) is an enumeration. So I press Verwerkt met (process with). When I go the the model reflection and search for Enum output I see this microflows: Why do these microflows not show up when I try to select a process with microflow? This always worked up to now. Am I doing something wrong? Is this a bug? Regards, Ronald [EDIT] I think the bug is in the constrained by, because this reference is never set by a microflow.
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Correct, this because of a platform issue in relation to the constraint by feature.

I don't think that the constraint by checkboxes are ever checked in the latest version of any of the import modules such as: model reflection, db replication or excel importer.
If you do see a constraint by property enabled somewhere you can remove that option and send us a message so we can remove it from the module.