Batch Replace... function does not list captions that are inside angled brackets

I'm currently using the "Batch Replace" functionality to find texts that need to be altered. The problem I have is that there are some captions that are inside angled brackets, e.g. <Main menu>. These captions do not appear in the list I get when using Batch Replace. Is this intended? Can anyone tell me how I can quickly track and change these captions without manually going through all forms? Thanks!
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These captions are in fact empty but for convenience another language caption is displayed between <>. Sort on the column to see all empty caption on top of the list.


I see. Sorting does not show these captions however. They do not appear in the Batch Replace list at all. I guess that makes sense if they're empty. Still, a way to find and edit them would be nice.

Right now I see no other way then using CTRL-F (look for "<" or ">") to find them.

Thanks for your reply!