TAB Control V4

Hi, We have migrated an application from version 2.5 to 4.6. Under 2.5, users with a small screen (low resolution) were presented a tab control with 2 rows of tabs. Under 4.6, all tabs are presented in a single row with buttons on the side to scroll horizontally through the tabs. Side effect is that not all tabs are visible. Is there a way in 4.6 to present all tabs on multiple rows if the user's screen resolution is too low ? Kind regards, Richard.
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You can not change this behavior with a setting in the modeler, but you can change it with css. If you add this line of css to your theme:

.dijitTabContainerTop-tabs {
    width: auto !important;

then all tabs will be visible, showing multiple rows if the tabs do not fit in a single row.