Let us know what you think about the new Community Portal!

We are pleased to announce to you the new Mendix Community Portal! As you may have noticed, we have done quite some updates last week. First of all, we have aligned the styling of the community apps with the new appearance of the Mendix homepage. But we have improved a lot more… Highlights of the new Mendix Community: New interactive startpage New getting started section: Learn how to deploy your first project in 3 minutes. Additionally, we also offer a full beginners tutorial using video clips! A lot of small updates on the forum, including email notifications so you can follow question threads. You can now manage your Mendix ID (i.e. profile) in one place. MxID offers a Single Sign-on solution for Mendix applications and third-party applications. At the top-right of each page you can see your login information. You can edit your MxID details by clicking on your email address (after login). Please let us know what you think about the new portal! We'd also like to know your ideas, suggestions, and remarks for the next version of the Community Portal.
4 answers

I love it, the new SSO makes navigating the community a lot easier! The new design looks very slick as well.


I really like the ability to quickly switch between applications. it would be awesome if even more (internal) applications supported it.


I like the new look; - some links aren't working right now: i've tried to download the newest version from the partner portal, but the link doesn't work. - i've lost some badges :( i was very proud having them....


I'm also trying to download some information from the documentation part of the portal; and i'm getting the answer You are not permitted to perform this operation. hyperlink Why?