cursor default in first search field

Hi, Users request to open all forms with the cursor positioned in the search field of a datagrid. Some of the datagrids are embedded in tab pages. I do get this to work setting the 'Show search bar' to 'With button (initially closed)' once the user clicks the button the cursor is positioned in the first search field. Or by changing the tab sequence of the form ensuring that the grid has a lower sequence than the tabbed region. However this works for the first (default) tab only, once the user switches tabs he needs to click again (or use tab). In all other cases ('Show search bar' > 'With button (initially opened)' or 'Show search bar' to 'Always') I cannot get it to work. The user will have to click in the field using the mouse. Unfortunately, most of our forms will always require the search form to be displayed. Anyone a solution/workaround? Kind regards, Brian
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