Adding a folder to my javasource

Hi I have a folder structure that I need to add into my Mendix Java code because it will look in these folders for some properties file. the folder structure is com.simon.config. I have tried on my localhost to add this into the javasource using eclipse and it will work on my local machine. But when I create an mda it is no longer able to read the properties files in those folders. I have also placed the com folder into the userlib directory of my project. I know for jar files i have to configure the build path to include them. Do i have to do the same with folders? If so how do i go about doing this? Or do i have to zip it up as a Jar file.
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You can create an extra directory structure in the javasource folder. If your actions are in modulename.action folder, create modulename.helper folder in the javasource folder and put there what you like.

Alternative are userlib and resources folders.