What does this microflow do?

Following a tutorial, it seems to me that it actually creates an user from anonymous user: 1) Using login on anonymous page 2) When data is entered, microflow is executed, which: Retrieve UserRole from DB [[Name = 'User'] Create 'User' (Set System.user.Roles to $UserRole (No Commit) -Opens a form to enter password. After this is done, newly registered user can access pages with security 'User'. If this really made of an anonymous user a real user, i would appreciate the explanation of the first two steps.
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This flow is retrieving the user role "User" from the database first of all. All roles in the Mendix system are stored in the entity System.UserRole. Then the microflow is creating a user and giving them the role user. This seems to be part of a user sign up process. Once the users password has been entered and they have clicked continue the user will be fully set up. In order to be logged in as as the created user you will need to put the username and password into the login page. It seems you maybe missing setting username in the creation of user.