Mobile app doesnt load up on mobile devices

I have created a mobile version of the existing desktop/web application. I have ticked the box the enable mobile and updated the server (even cleared the cache in my browsers). Still when I go the the site url it still loads up desktop version instead of mobile. If i go the site I can see the mobile site which works however doesnt load up automatically when accessing from mobile device. Also would like to mention that I had mobile enabled on mendix private cloud hosted servers as well. Does anyone have any suggestions to solve this? Thanks, Savan
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Redirecting mobile devices to the mobile client is handled by the web server running in front of your Mendix application in Mendix 4. It should be configured so that relevant devices are redirected to /index-mobile.html. In Mendix 5, the runtime will handle this itself (alongside optional web server configuration), so that it will work anywhere out of the box.

Depending on where you run your application, this is what you should do:

  • Public cloud: Nothing! For the Mendix public cloud this happens automatically. You are using the public cloud if you can manage your application in the 'Deploy' step on

  • Private cloud: File a support ticket to have this enabled. You are using the Mendix private cloud if you can manage your application by connecting via SSH and typing m2ee start and the like.

  • On premise: Configure it yourself in the web server configuration. Typical web servers used on premise are IIS on Windows and Nginx or Apache on Linux.