Microflow Add button on reference set selector

I have added a replacement Add microflow on the Reference Set Selector, as I need to do some additional processing. When I show the form (in the microflow) and select an option from the list, the selection is not displayed in the Reference Set Selector panel. How can I pass back the selection to the calling Reference Set Selector?
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That is n't a matter of ticking an option.

This is how you can do it, if you really want.

  • Pass the enclosing data view object (click settings) to a microflow.
  • Open a form with that object and a datagrid of options. Be sure that this a full list of options. The souce must be the database and not an association to the dataview. You can optimize with an xpath to show only the not selected options.
  • Add a button to the datagrid, pass both the data grid object and enclosing object to a microflow.
  • In that microflow change the enclosing object: add the data grid object to the reference set. Use the 'add' and not the default 'set' list.
  • Do your own processing.