Adding font to Rich Text Editor

According to this post, the font of a rich-text-editor can be added bij changing the Stylesheet Properties of the editor and reffer to the new stylesheet. I want to select the 'Calibri' font in the rich-text-editor. Where can I find a stylesheet of the Calibri font?
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We did this sometime ago. To add a font to the dropdown in the RTE: Go to widgets folder Find the RichText.mpk Rename it to Extract contents (using > Open With > Windows Explorer) Go to directory tinymce\themes\advanced and find the file editortemplate.js Open the file with notepad search for string themeadvancedfonts Add new font. In our case we added the following string: Lucinda Sans Unicode=Lucida Sans Unicode,arial,sans-serif;

Zip (using Send to > Compressed folder) the contents again and rename to RichText.mpk again.


Optionally you can add a style to the RTE widget in the modeler to set the default font of the RTE body text. Note that Calibri is a non standard web font.