Intellij and Mendix project

I managed to import the sample project into intellij and compile it as well, no problem there. My question is how do I run this? The documentation mention M2EEServer or AppContainer but none of those are in the libraries that are in my project. In which library are they? Is there another way to start the console? Thank you After the comments below, this is what needs to be done to make it launch the console There is a plugin that exist called eclipser, which you can use to import the .launch Unfortunately, it does not support yet all the features, so there is a bit of manual steps to do, not that much though Import the felix.jar as it is not imported by default Have the main as -> org.apache.felix.main.Main have the working directory has $MODULE_DIR$\deployment open up the .launch file and look for: M2EE_ADMIN_PASS M2EE_ADMIN_PORT M2EE_CONSOLE_PATH MXCONSOLE_BASE_PATH MXCONSOLE_RUNTIME_PATH MXCONSOLE_RUNTIME_PORT MXCONSOLE_SERVER_URL Those need to be created in the Environment Variables There might be other things that need to be added and there maybe be an easier way, but this one works for me.
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Hi Philippe,

Actually mendix make eclipse ready project, hence you can see the option Deploy for eclipse. Now in order to make it compatible with your IntelliJ , you need to do two things 1) check the launch file in the project folder. 2) Check .(dot)classpath file.

From first you can create a sample profile for the same for yourself to run in the IntelliJ. and same with the classpath. Unfortunately I havent worked on IntelliJ :(, Hope this will helps.

Thanks Shubhashish


Current releases of intellij allow you to import eclipse projects. Have a look at:

Furthermore have a look at how to connect to the debugger: