Object not refreshing correctly

Hi all We have a form where clients can log tickets inside our application. On the ticket type drop down there is an on change MF which based on the selected type creates a ticket body template for the client to fill in the necessary details. The MF works as follows: 1.Retrieve body template (via association to ticket) 2.Empty check on the body template 3.False = create body template (based on ticket type selection) 4.True = change body template (based on ticket type selection) I do not commit on the change or create activity, but both activities are refreshed in client. When the ticket body has been created and the split goes to 4.True, the body template object is refreshed with the correct attributes, but for some reason the displayed fields are not editable? But if I select another ticket type, and then re-select the desired ticket type the fields become editable? I thought it was a permission issue, but the fact that the fields do become editable after re-selecting the desired ticket type has confused me. Any idea why this is happening?
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