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Good day We are a Mendix partner, in South Africa, and have developed a onsite mendix app on version 5 beta, that we have hosted on our server. However , we want to load test and user acceptance test the development with our client, ready to launch when Mendix 5 is released. However I called Mendix South Africa support technician – Johannes, and he said we cannot use mendix 5 beta for development and what we want to do is not possible. My problem is, we have already built the app – mobile and web. We cannot run the project from the modeler on the server, as it keeps timing out, what is a work around so we can conduct these tests, and run the application in acceptance until the 5 version has been released, but to say that we cannot do so is just not good enough! Alternatively how can we downgrade our development then to a previous version without loosing dev time, until version 5, and until there is a license component active? Can somebody please assist me? Regards
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Hi Loan,

Could you please send your contact details to We really would like to help you with this.

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