Relative paths in richtext editor

We sometimes experience weird behaviour with the richt text editor and are wondering if someone else experienced the same. We use the rich text editor as a mail editor to allow users to change a mail template before sending the mail to the customer. In our template we dynamically generate a deeplink based on some data from our portal. What happens now is the following, say we create a link to a ticket like http://url:port/link/ticket/1 After sending the mail it seems the rich text editor changed this link to a relative one, meaning /link/ticket/1 When you open this link from a webmail it will redirect you to http://urlofwebmail/link/ticket/1 while in outlook it will open the link directly as /link/ticket/1 Either way it results in a broken or false link.
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Have you tried to edit the text via the html button within the RichText widget (select button set to 'all' in the settings). It might work if you try the a href function there:

a href="[your link]" (