Excel importer V3.3.1

I am having some problems with the new Excel importer. I think that the documentation could use some elaborations. First when using the form Templates Overview. There is now a wizard tab. The documentation does not refer to this. I did look to me as the import part of the module, but creating a template and selecting this one as the master template (the term master template is not explained anywhere) and uploading a file ony results in errors. (lg: Boolean member can not be set to null). The error is generated in microflow NewTemplate_Step2. It retrieves MasterTemplate but it never handles empty values thus resulting in this error. And the retrieve is empty because the reference is set in step two. Second there are some problems creating templates. When editing the column there is the functionality parse with. Strangely searching for a microflow results just in an empty list. But you can just enter FormatInteger for instance and a microflow will be found and connected. I think the constrained by function is wrong here. Third the dutch language is missing in a very big part. I think only half of the module has dutch language and the other half not. I think they forgot to check the translation on the new forms. And my last point is that if I am not mistaken there was a version 3.2 for Mendix five. At this moment I am unable to select this version. When clicking the version details nothing happens. I hope somebody can shed some light on these modules. May be that because I am so used to the old ones that I make a simple mistake with this module. But in my opinion this one is just a bit buggy. Regards, Ronald Catersels
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