how to concatenate two strings?

suppose i have a long first i want to show the description precisely..and then i will show the full description after clicking a "read more" button..when the full description is shown, beside it there will be a "read less" button.After clicking the "read less" button i will again show the short description..along with the "read more" how to do it.....
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One entity, lets call it EntityA with three attributes: ShortDescr (text), LongDescr (text) and ShowLongDescr (boolean). In a form, place a dataview pointing to EntityA. Inside the dataview, three rows: one for each attribute. On the row for LongDescr, make the row conditionally visible based on the value of ShowLongDescr. When ShowLongDescr is changed, the LongDescr will be shown or not. If you want to have the text for the Descr attributes not appear in an input field, use the FormatString widget from the appstore.