A lot of companies use Salesforce. Does anyone know if it's possible to build similar functionality in Mendix? Is this already done? Is it realistic to make something like Salesforce and put it in the Mendix appstore?
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These questions tend to subjective answers, here are mine:


  1. Customization: A sales-force like application in the app store can be fully linked with your own business logic.
  2. Customization is on another level, Sales-force can be parametrized, Mendix fully customized.
  3. High level visual modelling, easy to learn and to maintain within teams.
  4. Full control of workflow, can be more complex than Salesforce.
  5. Integration with other business apps
  6. Integrated version control
  7. Publish domain specific web services


  1. Salesforce has more end-user customization options
  2. Salesforce is based on another technology, not all can be accomplished in the same way.
  3. Salesforce is an environment with many developers.