Dont show Specialization in Grid

Hi all, I'm currently trying to populate a grid with an object (A), which is a generalization for another object (B). When I fill the grid from the DB, I want to show only Object A, so not the generalizations. Is there an Xpath available to do this, or am I overlooking something? I can't fill the grid using a microflow (subtracting List ObjectAB - List ObjectB) because i want to include attributes over association within the grid. Anyone who can help me out?
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You could add an enumeration for ObjectType to ObjectA. As an after create action, you can use an inheritance split to set this attribute, based on the outgoing flow of the inheritance split (so you would either set it to ObjectA or ObjectB). In your grid, you can then constrain on this enumeration.



Since you dont want to use Microflow as a datasource , then I guess you can make another entity, like Display Entity and fill in its attributes with the value that you want to display. Hence

1) Populate the entity and then 2) show the form

This might be a way .

Hope this will help.