createdby user in datagrid

Hi, Although I know it has been asked before I would like to know for sure whether displaying the createdby user name in a data grid (and sorting and searching on it) is not supported by Mendix. I seems like it is working fine as long as the entity of the datagrid contains the owner/created by information. Once we use an entity with the owner data stored on a generalization, we get errors in the data grid when changing sort or performing specific searches. Workaround is known, just want to make sure that we need the workaround or whether in the meantime this functionality is available and we encounter a bug. Thanks. Brian
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Assuming you are trying to display System.User:

This is likely caused by the way you have set up your user roles, specifically which (other) roles a specific user role is allowed to manage. I don't know the exact specifics of how this is set up, but I believe that you only are able to read attributes of System.User objects which have a user role which you are allowed to manage based on your own role(s).

(So say you have the role User, and this role is not allowed to manage users with the Administrator role, you would not be able to see the username for objects created by users with the Administrator role.)