Populate Datagrid with microflow

I have a microflow button and a datagrid in the same form and I want populate that datagrid with a mocroflow triggered by the button. I don't know if this is possible and if yes, how can I do that?
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Let me suggest another method then:

  • Create a persistent entity in your domain model called ObjectList
  • Create a many to many association between the ObjectList and the entity (let's say Car) you want to show in the list
  • When you open the form, create a new ObjectList object and show it in the form.
  • Add a data grid showing all Cars associated to this ObjectList
  • In the form, you have your microflow button which takes an ObjectList object as input
  • In the microflow, you retrieve some selection of Cars. You associate all these Cars to the ObjectList
  • You refresh the ObjectList object


You can populate a datagrid with a microflow, however, the microflow does not have to be on the form. In the properties of the datagrid, you can select Microflow as a datasource type. This will populate the datagrid with the results of a microflow.

One thing to be aware of when doing this - the datasource microflow will execute once when the page is loaded. So a microflow datagrid is not dynamically updated with object changes that occur while the form is open. If the datagrid has a database or association as a datasource type, it can be dynamically updated while the form is open.



OK - I will give it another try:

Web form with:

  • a datagrid listing customers
  • a dataview for a single customer
  • nested inside the dataview, a datagrid showing orders for that customer
  • the datasource for the dataview is Listen To Grid, pointing to the datagrid

In this form, when you click on a customer in the datagrid, the dataview will display a list of the orders for that customer.

Is this more what you want to do?


Hey Bernard, Refer to Country enumeration Demo project in the app store, that will answer your question.