ReCaptcha widget allows to set passwords even if some of the displayed letters or numbers are not entered

Hi, I am using reCaptcha widget and when I click on password conformation link from my email, it will take me to the site to set my password and the problem is that even if I don't enter last letter or number that is displayed, it allows me to set password. Can't figure out the problem. Please can any one help me out. Thanks in advance.
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Check this website:

reCAPTCHA is Accepting Incorrect Words One of the words displayed by reCAPTCHA is from an old book which is being digitized. As such it is not graded -- it cannot. Indeed, occasionally it may be blank, or just a bit of noise.

On the word that is checked, the user is (by default) allowed to be off by one letter. It has been found that this increases the user experience while not degrading security by a large amount. This is tuned dynamically based on many factors.