Force user to read something

We're implementing the acceptation of terms and conditions and I'm trying to force the user to read the terms before accepting. I'm using the rich text viewer to show the terms and after scrolling down the terms, the user should see a button to accept the terms. I know I could never be sure that the user read the whole terms text, but I want to force him/her to scroll down and then accept it. Is this possible with the microflow links property of the rich text viewer? Anyone with another creative solution? Edit after comment: I managed to do this by implementing the microflow links property and parsing my links in the html text as: <a href="javascript:${MyMicroflowName}">Click me!</a>
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Why not use a checkbox which has to be clicked? If users need to scroll down before they can accept/decline the terms and condition, that's not user friendly. If you check the checkbox you're accepting the terms and conditions, it doesn't matter if the user read the terms and conditions i think..