Console logging

The console logging provides usefull information. However, the console is limited to only one mendix user. Furthermore, after closing the console, the log information appears to be gone. What I want to achieve is to store the logging information with stack-trace from the console in a database. When it's stored, the data can be made viewable for a app-user with an admin account. Moreover, I can send an email to the admin or take other actions when an error occurs. Besides this, the data can be analysed, for example the number of webservice requests, number of active users etc etc. What's the best way to make this happend?
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Try the Logging Module from the Appstore.


When you're running in production the logging is not shown in the console but logged to a file. That said, you can implement your own LogSubscriber and register it using Core.registerLogSubscriber(), also see

That way you can do whatever you want with the logging.

Or have a look at the App Store module Rom van Arendonk mentioned, which pretty much does what you want. You could build further on this using it as an example too.