Token template question

One of the limitations of the Email tokens template v3.1 app is that when selecting a reference one can only go one deep ie I can get data from the child object, but not a child from the child (so only an attribute of the child can be shown but not deeper). I fail to grasp the reason for this limitation. In the MxModelreflection it is possible to go from parent to child to grandchild etc. Am I overlooking something here or should it be possible to also retrieve an attribute of a grandchild in the token replacer? Or is there something in the java code that limits the token replacer? Regards, Ronald
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It is 'by design' from a distance view. I agree with you. One can retrieve data over multiple associations in a java action. The user interface to edit those fields is somewhat more complex. You can do that with a list of associations (A_B, B_C, C_D) but an xpath editor would be more convient.