New default popup width with exceptions

Hi, By default a popup gets a width (via inline styling) of 750px via inline styling. I want to change this default to 900px, so CSS is the way to go. However, to make this work the "!important" declaration is required otherwise it won't overrule the inline styling. So far so good. I have a few popups that need a larger width than the new 900px. Using the property "Popup Size - Width in pixels" in the modeler is overruled by the !important declaration in CSS. In fact there's no other size possible than 900px. How can I change the 750px default width to 900px without preventing making exceptions? Regards, Paul
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Hi Paul,

You could define a class for example popupWidth900 and assign it to the forms you want to popup with a width of 900px. If you want a popup with a width of 1000px just duplicate the class in your css and rename it to popupWidth1000 and set the width.

In your css make sure this is only applied when the form is opened as a popup by preceding the class with the class for a popup (don't know the exact name, but use firebug for example)