Several validation messages on the same time

I was wondering how I can display several validation messages (below the field) on the same time when I commit? Now I get the messages one for one by filling in the correct validation and commit. For the validations I make use of microflows. Kind regards, Bas
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You could handle this by concatenating all your messages together and displaying them together:

  • At the start of your validation microflow, you create a string variable called ValidationMessage and initialize it with the value ''
  • Whenever a validation fails, you change the variable ValidationMessages to $ValidationMessage + 'This is the reason it failed'
  • At the end of the microflow, you check if the value of the variable ValidationMessage equals ''. If this is the case, then you commit, otherwise, you use a Show Validation Message activity, where you show the content of your ValidationMessage variable.

It seems that the Show Validation Message activity does not allow you to display returns, so you should use something meaningful as a separator, e.g. ';'.


Thanks a lot! The problem is solved.

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You can also try something like this: (

Validation Flow

This flow kicks in the moment you press the 'Save' button. If there are errors, all the validation feedback will be shown. If there are no errors, the entity will be saved.