Listview on mobile not editable

I have created a listview for six questions which are created dynamically. For each questions i want to be able to select an answer without having to navigate to a new form, or call a microflow. I just want to use the widget sliding boolean selector to select my answer on the list view. At the moment when i run the project the sliding boolean selector is shown but is not editable.
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As a workaround you could create a non-persistent entity with the following definition:

  1. 6 associations to your question entity
  2. 6 boolean attributes that hold the answers of these questions
  3. 6 boolean attribute that defines if a question is defined.

Then you can create a data view with on this entity. Use the boolean attributes for the conditions to make the relevant rows visible.


You are right, as a workaround you can add a button to change the status, but that is not something to show your friends.

File a bug report.