Action not found error message

Sometimes I get the strange message: 2009-12-22 10:24:16.744 ERROR - CORE_ACTIONMANAGEMENT: Action 'DatabaseReplication.UpdateToken' not found! I'm absolutely sure that the action is in the right folder within the javasource folder. Can anybody explain where this message come from and how I can solve it? (A work-around I use at the moment is: rename the javasource folder to javasource_backup, let the modeler deploy a new javasource folder and run the XAS (compiling the actions). Delete the new javasource folder, and rename the backup folder back to javasource.)
1 answers
  • Delete all compiled java files (actions folder in WEB-INF folder).

  • Copy the custom javacode from the java action to notepad (javasource folder).

  • Delete the java action which gives the problems from the javasource folder.

  • Deploy the project, so it creates the java action again.

  • Copy the custom java code from notepad to the newly created empty javasource.

  • Run the project