Textarea widget: copy-paste problem with texts ending on CRLF

Using 2.4.5, I'm copying text (copy-paste) to fields all the time in my work and experienced problems with texts getting unformatted - all linefeeds get removed. This happened a lot but nog all the time. This is a huge problem if you copy texts from mails for instance. Without formatting, the mails get unreadable. I think I now discovered the problem: if there is a CRLF (linefeed) at the end of the text, the text get unformatted. If you copy the text without the last CRLF, formatting is preserved. I tried to enter this as an incident via the Partner Portal but I was not able to fill in a project and therefor not able to submit the incident. Could this issue be logged as an incident against 2.4.5. Thanks. Toon
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You are now associated with a project. Can you please file this as an incident in the Partner Portal?

Thanks in advance.