Lag in Citrix client

We're experiencing latency in showing forms in a citrix environment. Our customer employees are using the mendix app on workstations, with a citrix client. We trigger a microflow synchronously in our app which is performing some calculations and show the results in a complex form with a couple of dataviews and datagrids. On a local machine the duration is 2 seconds. When we do the same action in the browser on the citrix client, it takes 5 to 15 seconds. We logged all actions in the microflow and we can see in the lognodes that the action is finished after 2 seconds, but showing the results is taking too much time on the citrix client. We don't know what is causing the lag in the citrix client. We can't use firefox/firebug/chrome or the IE developer toolbar on that environment, so it's pretty difficult to analyze the client/server interaction of the browser. Is there anyone who experienced same sort of issues on a citrix client? Edit after finding possible cause: The latency occurred in the production environment with AFAIK Firefox 15. After testing it in the acceptance environment with Firefox 25, we didn't see the same latency. Both environments are used with the same version of Citrix. So it seems that the cause is a combination of Citrix and the Firefox version. Our production environment will be upgraded to the new Firefox version in January, in order to solve this issue for all users.
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