Mendix 5 Bootstrap Theming

One of the new features of the Mendix 5, is being bootstrap compatible, is that right? There are many bootstrap theme available on the internet Trying to implement some of these themes, gives me noting that looks like the sample pages. Is there a way to make it work? Is Mendix 5 generating clean bootstrap html code, so others themes can be applied? Which version of bootstrap is Mx5 Beta using? Recently bootstrap 3 was release, will that be part of Mx5 too?
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The upcoming release of Mendix 5 comes with Bootstrap 3, though up to beta-8 Bootstrap 2 is used. Bootstrap 3 is not backwards compatible so Bootstrap 3 themes can not be used with Mendix 5 beta-8 and before and vice versa. That may explain your theme issues.

Beware that as of version 3, Bootstrap encourages the use of a separate theme file, instead of replacing bootstrap.css with a new one. See the default index.html for an example of how a theme should be included.