Bulk icon replacement

Hi, I would like to know if it is at all possible to change all icons of a specific button in bulk. For example change the icon of all the save buttons used in an application after the enitre application has been build. greetings Stephen
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To my knowledge there is no specific search and replace functionality for replacing icons

The procedure described below worked in Mendix 3 version. Don't know for sure if this also works in the newer versions.

1) delete the old icon from images (please remember the icon name) you first get a warning about on which forms the icon is used 2) Import the new icon that should replace the old one 3) Rename the icon with the (exact) name of the old (deleted) icon

all forms/buttons should now automatically be updated to new icon


Already filled a feature request for thuis a while ago.

For now René's answer is the way to go.