Using regular expressions on a Linux environment

We want to use a regular expression on a Linux environment. We've put the reg-ex in the 'application.conf' file but somehow the reg-ex isn't processed properly because the reg-ex check always gives back 'false'. The relevant part of the 'aplication.conf' looks as following; UseLDAPAuthentication = true ShowNavigationTree = false # Constants for use in Microflow expressions (>= XAS 2.4) ConstantEmailRegex = ("([\w@,.-]*\s*[\w@.-])*"(\s)*<)*\w+([.-]\w+)*@\w+([-.]\w+)*.\w{2,6}([>])*([,;]\s*("([\w@.-]*\s*[\w@.,-])*"(\s)*<)*\w+([.-]\w+)*@\w+([-.]\w+)*.\w{2,6}([>])*)*([,;])*(\s)* ConstantEncryptionKey = wathethoorttezijn Constant_Foo = bar MonitoringCookie = vBDMtFX59fvYcWUcwSF7 Any thoughts?
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Problem solved, there was an issue with \ and " characters not being escaped properly. Correct regex differs from the one defined in the modeler in needing an extra \ in front of every \ and "