lost focus on form

Bas vd Broek wrote: Note that when your session ends or the server shuts down and the object still hasn't been properly committed, it will be removed. Quote comes from Determining whether object isNew and Autocommitted Yesterday I gave a training and a i saw some users are filling in forms, but during the edit session they navigate to other entities. So when they not save the form the record will be lost. Is there a event 'On lost Focus' so you can give users the hint to save the record first or save it anyway.
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There is no default action in Mendix for this purpose. When you click on a navigation item, you will lose your form. To prevent this, you could save it on the background, but that's not always desirable. Especially when you have complex forms with many validations. You could file a feature request to show a client message when the user clicks the form away.