Calendar widget: custom date format

We use the calender widget and it works great. But when you click on the button "week", the dates are shown in a format: month/day's (for example 12/30). We want to set it to day's/month (30/12). In the documentation i have read that you can change it to use with custom date format: I have tried: {month: 'ddd', week: 'ddd d/M', day: 'dddd d/M'} but nothing is changed..... Has anyone a suggestion?
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The {} in the columnformat is a javascript object literal. Don't use that here.


Open the views property editor, the second tab: extra has the formats per view.


Thanks Chris de Gelder!!!

He helped me a lot. The solution is to define a available view (under properties, extra, available views, new, second tab, extra). When you put the custum format there, it works fine


To add to this, there seems to be a problem with this widget in Mendix 5, the date formats configured in the widget are not passed on to javascript. The only way I got it to work is by manually changing the following line of code in the calendar.js file which is in the widget package:

Original code: this.fixObjProps(['notused']);

New code: this.fixObjProps(['notused','notused1']);

I've also issues a support ticket for this.

One more thing, this workaround requires the latest version of the app (the one with the fix for color enumerations).