Possibility to remember custom popup size in Mendix 5

When you change the size of popup window in the runtime, the window size isn't remember the next time when you open the popup again. This is default behavior of Mendix. Are there any plans to change this behaviour in Mendix 5? An extra option to remember the custom size for a specific form.
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It is worth the effort to explore the possibility for a widget that stores the window size in a user related entity.

  1. Create an entity formsize (formname, top, left, height, width) associated to user
  2. Create a widget that is connected to this entity, (connect the name, left, top etc attributes)
  3. At the close form (uninitialize?) find the surrounding div that is the popup window.
  4. Find the formsize object or create one.
  5. Store the values in the object

At opening of the form (loaded event?)

  1. Find the formsize object for the user
  2. Find the surrouding div (popup window)
  3. Set the size, redraw screen

Timing is crucial, so the form must be rendered before resizing. Find the right events to connect to.