MQ Threads for JMS

We have a requirement to integrate Mendix with IBM MQ. The application should have JMS capabilities to listen for messages in the MQ, and send messages to the MQ. We have done this through a Java Action to send and another to listen to the MQ. The Java action uses Connection Pool (Queue Connections as SoftReferenceObject Pool). The listening for MQ messages is currently implemented by Scheduled Event, which will be repeated by some interval. Now we need to have multi threads waiting for messages, otherwise it would be only one thread waiting and processing the received message, one by one. How we can do this multi threading, we have to make as many scheduled events for the same microflow? ot is there any technique, from a microflow to create multi threads of another microflow.
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You can call a Java action from your scheduled event. In that Java action you can add the following method call:

Future<R> executeAsync(IContext context, String actionName, Object ... params)

This will asynchronously call another Java action or micfroflow. See the JavaDoc for more information.