Microflow query processing with no results

I have a Process consisting of ProcessSteps. After finishing a ProcessStep I need to (a) check if there are any ProcessSteps left that are not finished (b) if there are no such ProcessSteps mark the Process as finished. On the form with ProcessSteps I start a Microflow: 1. marking the ProcessStep as finished; 2. make a list of ProcessSteps that are not marked finished (HOW? I can't seem to specify a query here in the Microflow), 3. check whether the list is empty (HOW?) and then conditionally mark the Process finished. Thanks again! Gerard
2 answers


  1. Mark the process step as finished - accomplish this using a boolean attribute on the ProcessStep entity. When you are done with that step, use a Change Object activity in your microflow to set the boolean to true
  2. Retrieve a list of process steps that are not marked finished - in a microflow, use a Retrieve action, click the From Database source radiobutton, select the ProcessSteps entity and have an XPath constraint like this: StepCompleted = false() This assumes that StepCompleted is the boolean you maintain
  3. Check a list to see if it is empty - Use an Exclusive Split (Orange Diamond) and this condition: ProcessStepList = empty



Thanks Mike. It works!