Datagrid searchfields with a customized search result view

Hi, I want to search through a collection of countries so I’m using a datagrid with a lot of search fields with comparison-attributes like ‘contains’, ‘smaller’, ‘greater’, etc. However in my search result I want to only display totals grouped by country and possibly grouped by other attributes also. How can I do this? I was thinking to add a microflow button to the datagrid, and then pass the list of found countries (from my search) to create my own customized resultset to pass to another datagrid to display. That however still leaves me with the original resultset to hide (via ccs?) and also two buttons (search + microflow button) instead of only one. Any suggestions on this or better alternatives?
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You can build your own search screen where the search command is a separate entity, often linked to the current user, every user has one search command object.

Filters are attributes of the search command entity.

The results are associated to the search command with a reference set. In the search button microflow do a retrieve with any filters you like and connect them to the search command object, refresh the object to show it on the screen.

Don't forget to disconnect excluded countries the second time searching.

Optionally add a details button to open the country and see the details.