filemanager upload characters replaced

Hi, We are using the file upload functionality for quite sometime now and recently we encounter the issue that special characters in the filename like e.g. ç are replaced by a �. Our app is running on windows infrastructure and uses a SQL Server 2008 dbase. Till some time ago (I checked the database and see lots of files with ç in the name) the functionality was working fine. When I create a local deployed test project using the built in database, the character handling is ok and the special characters are handled properly. What determines the character set/encoding when uploading files? The database? The target server? Anyone any idea? Thinking about logging a call at Mendix to determine the root cause. Thanks. Brian RESOLUTION: Issue resolved by adding the metatag <meta charset="utf-8">' to the theme index page in the header tag. Other option would be to set the default page encoding in the webserver (IIS in our case).
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Mendix acknowledges that this is a bug.